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NTRO Computer Science Previous Year Questions Paper

Computer Science Previous Year  Questions for NTRO

NTRO Computer Science  Previous Year Questions Paper

Q 1 In a relational schema ,  each tuple is divided into fields called ?

 A. Relations
 B. Domains
C. Queries
D. All of the above

answer - B

Q 2 which one is first phase of software development?
A. Requirement
B. Disign
C. Coding
D. Testing

answer - A

Q 3 The postfix equivalent of the prefix * + a b - c d is
a. ab+cd-*
b. ab + cd * -
c. ab + - cd *
d. ab cd + - *

answer - A

Q 4  Which of the following statement(s) is/are true for two-phase locking?
I. Lock acquisition is the second phase
II. Locks can be acquired at any time
III. Keys are acquired in the first phase
IV. all of the above

answer - iv all of the above

Q 5 The searching technique which there are no unnecessary comparisons is called

A) Binary searching 
B) Sequential searching

C) Hashing

D) none of the above

answer - C

Q 6 The most commonly used standard data code to represent alphabetical, and punctuation characters is

D. All of the above

answer - A

Q 7 Which of the following is not the member of class?
[A]. Static function
[B]. Friend function
[C]. Const function
[D]. Virtual function

answer - B,   In a class, the private data can be accessed only by the public member function of that class. c++ provides a mechanism in which a non member can have access to the private member of a class. This is achieved by the non_member function "friend" to the class, whose private data can be accessed.

Q 8 What is the 2's complement of 0011 0101 1001 1100 number? 
A. 1100 1010 1100 1011 
B. 1100 1010 0110 0011
 C. 1100 1010 0110 0100 
D. 1100 1010 1111 1111

answer - C  Just once compliment of this word and add one ...

Q 9 
A. Voice over IP
B. Video over IP
C. Viruses over IP
D. Virtual over IP

answer - A

Q 10 during validation??

A . Process is checked
B.  Product is checked
C. Developer's performance is evaluated
D . None

answer - B

Q 11 when you use "ln -s"  command which of the following occurs

A  a file is created that points to an existing file

B a file is created that is copy of an existing file

C a file is moved from one location to another location
D none

answer - A

Q 12  Inter process communication is

A  is never necessary
B allows process to synchronize
C is required for all process
D is usually done via disk drives

answer - B

Q 13. In cryptography, what is cipher?
a) algorithm for performing encryption and decryption
b) encrypted message
c) both algorithm for performing encryption and decryption and encrypted message
d) none of the mentioned

answer - a

What is the name of the operating system that reads and reacts in terms of actual time.
[A].Batch system
[B].Quick response system
Real time system
[D].Time sharing system

Answer: Option C

Q 15 Kernel modules are present in
a) /lib directory
b) /root directory
c) /boot directory
d) none of the mentioned

Answer: A 

Q 16 
Which of the following is correct?

Answer: d , SQL wont remove duplicates like relational algebra projection, we have to remove it explicitly by distinct. 

If there are no indexes on the relation SQL will either chose one/more on its own or simply work without any index. No index would just slow the query but it will surely work. 

SQL does not permit 2 attributes to have same name in a relation.

Q  17  what is the output of java programm.
  1.     class string_class 
  2.     {
  3.         public static void main(String args[])
  4.         {
  5.             String obj = "hello";
  6.             String obj1 = "world";   
  7.             String obj2 = "hello";
  8.             System.out.println(obj.equals(obj1) + " " + obj.equals(obj2));
  9.         }
  10.     }

a) false false
b) true true
c) true false
d) false true

answer d , equals() is method of class String, it is used to check equality of two String objects, if they are equal, true is retuned else false.

Q 18 What is the correct value to return to the operating system upon the successful completion of a program?
 A. 1
B. -1
C. 0
D. Program do no return a value.

Answer: C 

Q 19.  P - semiconductor means ? 

  A excess of electrons and semiconductor  is neutral 
  B Shortage of electrons and semiconductor  is neutral 
c excess of electrons and semiconductor  is negative 
d Shortage of electrons and semiconductor  is positive

Answer:  https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/P-type_semiconductor

Q 20 . 
Which of the following concepts of OOPS means exposing only necessary information to client?
Data hiding
[D].Data binding
Answer: Option C , 
Abstraction is the concept used for showing only essential information while encapsulation (i.e. data hiding) is a concept used for hiding the irrelevant information from the user.

These two concepts work together in any application.

E.g. In an ATM machine, the whole process is hidden from us (Encapsulation) while only read info is given to us like our balance etc. (Abstraction)

Q 21. XML uses

user define tags,


C.both predefined and 
user-defined tags

tags used in HTML and makes them powerful.

Answer: Option A

Q 22. The overhead code required to be written for unit testing is called
(a) Drivers                    
(b) Stubs                     
(c) Scaffolding           
(d) None of the above


Q 23. FDDI is

A ring network
B bus network
C star network
D none

Answer: Option A

Q 24 General purpose computers are those that can be adopted to countless uses simply by changing its

 A. Output Device 
B. Input Device 
C. Program 
D. Processor

Answer: Option

Q 25 An important aspect in coding is.

(A). Readability.
(B). Productivity. 
(C). To use as small a memory space possible. 
(D). Brevity.

Answer: Option A

Q 26 which of the following is universal gate? 

A nand
b ex-or 
c not 
d or

Answer: Option A

Q 27   Which of the following statement is correct?

a. A constructor is called at the time of declaration of an object.
b. A constructor is called at the time of use of an object.
c. A constructor is called at the time of declaration of a class.
d. A constructor is called at the time of use of a class.

Answer: Option A , Constructor having same class name that's why we are call the constructor at the time of object creation.

Object creation is:.

Classname refernce variable=new classname () ;.

In this constructor name n classname is also same that's why we are call the constructor at the time of object creation.

Q 28 Which of the following can't be done with client-side JavaScript?
A) Sending a form's contents by emailB) Storing the form's contents to a database file on the server
C) Validating a formD) None of the above

Answer:   B) Storing the form's contents to a database file on the server 

Q 29. What does the term top level domain org represent in internet url

A non profit organisation
B profit organisation
C community
D government organisation

Answer: Option A

Q 30 by default what is root? 

   A  root file system
   B home directory of root user
   C the directory which contain all the directory of file system.
   D none

   Answer: Option B

Q 31 what is SJF algo?
  A  execute first the job that last entered in queue
   B execute first the job that first entered in queue
   C execute first the job that least processor needs .
   D none

 Answer: Option C

Q 31 acceptance testing is done by ?

 A  developer
   B tester 
   C customer.
   D all of the above

Answer: Option D

Q 32 the physical layer of network is

A. define the electric charactristics of signals passed between the computer and communication device
B. control error detection and correction 
C. constructs packet of data 
D. none 

Answer: Option A

 Q 33 Which command is used to print a file
a) print

b) ptr

c) lpr

d) none of the mentioned

Answer: Option C

Q 34 A good specification should be? 
A. distinctly specific 
B. unambiguous 
C. all of these 
D. functional

Answer = C
Explanation:A good specification should have all the qualities such as unambiguos, distinctly specific and functional.

 Q 35 What will be the output of the following PHP code?
  1.     <?php
  2.     $a = 5;
  3.     $b = 5;
  4.     echo ($a === $b);
  5.     ?>
a) 5 === 5
b) Error
c) 1
d) False
Answer: Option C , === operator returns 1 if $a and $b are equivalent and $a and $b have the same type.

Q 36. Functional testing is known as ?

   A structural testing
   B behavioral testing
   C regression testing
   D none of the above

Answer: Option 

Q 37 The main container for <TR>, <TD> and <TH> is. 
1. <DATA> 
2. <GROUP>
 3. <TABLE>
4. all of the above

Answer: Option 3

Q 38 Software engineering primarily aims on
  1. Reliable software
  2. Cost effective software
  3. Reliable and cost effective software
  4. None of the above

Answer: Option C

Q 39 find which word has odd parity 

a. 1001
b. 0101
c. 1111
d. 0111

Answer: Option D

Q 40 Which will legally declare, construct, and initialize an array?
 A. int [] myList = {};
 B. int [] myList = (5, 8, 2); 
C. int myList [] [] = {4,9,7,0}; 
D. int myList [] = {4, 3, 7}; 

Answer: Option D

Q 41 The most appropriate matching for the following pairs
X: Indirect addressing            1 : Loops

Y: Immediate addressing           2 : Pointers

Z: Auto decrement addressing      3: Constants
(A) X-3, Y-2, Z-1

(B) X-I, Y-3, Z-2
(C) X-2, Y-3, Z-1
(D) X-3, Y-l, Z-2

Answer: (C) 

Q 42 which is the fastest data transfer mechanisam ?
a. programmed I/O
b. interrupt I/O
c. DMA
d. none 
Answer: (C) 

Q 43 unix operating system is

a. multiuser
b. multitasking
c. can run on pc and larger system
d. all of the above

Answer: (D)

Q 44. How many 32K x 1 RAM chips are needed to provide a memory capacity of 256K-bytes?
(A) 8
(B) 32
(C) 64
(D) 128

Answer: (C) 

Explanation: We need 256 Kbytes, i.e., 256 x 1024 x 8 bits.
We have RAM chips of capacity 32 Kbits = 32 x 1024 bits.
(256 * 1024 * 8)/(32 * 1024) = 64

Q 45  WPA2 is used for security in
a) ethernet
b) bluetooth
c) wi-fi
d) none of the mentioned

Answer: (C) 

Q 46 data link layer is concerned with the

a. bit transmission function
b. packet transmission function
c. re- transmission delay
d. encryption of data

Answer: (A)

Q 47 In a microprocessor ,the address of the next  instruction to be executed is stored on 

a. stack pointer
b. address latch
c. program counter 
d. general purpose register

Answer: (c)

Q 48 Which of these keywords is used to refer to member of base class from a sub class?


d. none

Answer: (c)

Q 49 which logic circuit gives high output when the inputs are same

a nand
b. ex-or
c. ex-nor

Answer: (c)

Q 50. What number would be shown on the screen after the following statements of C are executed?
 char ch; 
 int i; 
 ch = 'G';
 i = ch-'A';
 printf("%d", i); 

A. 5
 B. 6
 C. 7
 D. 8

Since the ASCII value of G is 71 and the garbage value if A is 65 and hence the difference is 6.

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